Bieber roast. 


The roast just ended and it was hilarious! I am not a fan or a hater of Justin’s but after this I have to say I have gained a new respect for him. If you seriously are bored and want a good laugh/see a different less douchey side to Justin, watch it if you can! I highly recommend. It has someone for everyone, I mean… Martha Stewart was one of the people roasting Hahaha did anyone tune in? What did you think? Who had you laughing the most? Do you think he was genuine when he spoke at the end? 

My favourite was Jeff Ross and honestly Justin when it was all over and done with. 

4 thoughts on “Bieber roast. 

  1. I saw most of it. I’ve seen better roasts. My students (12-14) roast each other better on off days. My fave had to be Martha because it was Martha…Justin handled it fine, and I hope for his sake that he was genuine. At the end, I popped off and said “Mother Canada bitch slapped her son back into place.” Everyone here thought it was hilarious, thought I’d share.

    • Hahhaa yes my friend is a teacher and she tells me what her students say to eachother. It’s Insane! My little sister roasts me better regularly. My for was an interesting watch but I don’t think they were too hard on the guy. Hope he’s genuine!

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