imagine 💫


What’s worse? Living in a world of people who are confident aka “arrogant” or people who are so insecure that they don’t know their self worth? If I could vote, I’d prefer to listen to someone list off their obsessions over themselves instead of  cry or feel low with their insecurities. xx 

One thought on “imagine 💫

  1. I look at arrogance as a form of insecurity. So your choice would be to either listen to someone rattle off their perceived insecurities or listen to someone be in denial about their insecurities.

    Obsession, either way, is not a good thing. A scale in balance doesn’t tip to one side or the other. A person who is aware of this is a person I’d prefer to talk to, whether aware of their depression or aware of their arrogance and wish to not be one way or the other so much. I really don’t care for talking to a wall.

    Wait. Did I answer the question? lol

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