Throw back 


I am so missing this day in Central Park with my lighter locks. Summer needs to hurry!!!

 Since I’ve been asked, my hair is this brown now. I am incapable of smiling so don’t ask why I look so serious hahaha 


 My eye colour gets lighter with lighter hair which I enjoy too. 

Anyway after I posted this I text my hair dresser and decided I’m going to do my hair like this before my trip to California in two weeks




15 thoughts on “Throw back 

  1. I like them both! I think you can definitely pull off the last look too! Is that what you will do next???

  2. I love the highlights one… you’ll look fabulous dahling… haha And I want to see you posing like that model after you get your new hair “did”… that’s what my one aunt would say… “I just got my hair did.” Must be a Southern thing 🙂 In fact, I just got my hair did this afternoon. It’s amazing how different it looks with a few snips here and there and being pampered.

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