OMG!!! Humble (I hope) brag 

You guys!!!! I am seriously in shock. I decided to check my stats and I am amazed! I hope y’all know I’m not trying to brag but just want to share my appreciation. 

Check this out! 







It feels so amazing to have had so many people come and visit my page every month! It is incredible that there are so many people from other countries who read and relate to my posts. It’s so unreal that most of my readers are from USA and I’m in Canada! Woohoo, love me some Americans Hahahaa I am SO happy and SO grateful that I decided to make a blog the day that I did because I feel like I view this world so differently. I have learned so much about other people and especially myself. I have a different appreciation for reading and writing, ironically words can not express it haha. I started this blog when I was looking to find love in other things but mainly within myself. I think a lot of me has accomplished that. I wanted to write about my traveling more than anything but somehow have found myself interacting about everyday topics with some great friends that I’m luckily enough to have made on here. I went in a different direction and I’m really glad that I did. My favourite part of writing is sharing my love for all the things that make up my world and having others relate. I can remember sharing the day my gorgeous niece was welcomed into this world (July 20,2014) and she is now in her ninth month! Mentally and spiritually (and thankfully even physically) I have grown. I hope that I continue to do so while learning more about you and what’s out there within all of your words. 

Wishing you the sweetest dreams. Goodnight xx

21 thoughts on “OMG!!! Humble (I hope) brag 

    • Thank you so much! The same certainly goes to you. Love your posts and I am grateful to say the same !! You are certainly a big part of why I genuinely enjoy word press 💕💕💕

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