8 thoughts on “Focus 

  1. People don’t say anything anymore, they text it lol
    My personal experience with people last year or 2 I would like to revise that statement applied for me (not discrediting it) It just made me think of what I would like to say and see from people

    Do not become a pen pal (digital decoy) to people important in your life. They say action speak louder than words, than they also should include that spoken words have meaning and interaction that written words can’t possibly offer

  2. Thats why I’m starting well (trying) to start up my interactive live chatroom but I don’t think I have enough people on my blog yet that would get in on it… I think it would be great to live chat maybe once a week or month with your bloggers to discuss your writings and whatever…… Its free and audio and video too but we’ll see….

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