Can’t. Stop. Eating. FOOD COMA. 

You guys! I am seriously blobbed out. I can’t stop eating hahaha My friend who’s also married to my brother in law ? (I think that’s what he is to me) had Easter dinner at her house and there was soooo much food. Seriously, I didn’t even know where to start. It was sooo delicious! I decided that I would have stuffing as a reward for me actually sticking to lent and it was totally worth it. I have another dinner later tonight but here are some pictures from Saras house. There was honestly three times the food pictured haha yum! 





And my generous plate  Hahahaha



I’m stuffed !!!

Here’s eva being perfect 


 And here’s Eva with her grandmothers 🙂 



Also, I got a better picture of my hair because of the lighting haha 





Ahhhhh! What a beautiful day it has been. Wishing you the same! xx



5 thoughts on “Can’t. Stop. Eating. FOOD COMA. 

  1. I gained three pounds because I didn’t scroll fast enough through the pictures. And your hair still looks wonderful. 🙂

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