My lord is so great

So strong and so mighty 

There’s nothing my lord cannot do!!!

For some strange reason, I am singing this over and over in my head as I rest my head on the toilet seat typing this on my phone. Yes folks, you guessed it…I have food poisoning. Probably the worst pain I’ve ever felt (I lied, I’ve had worse but this is definitely up there) haha. I’ve spent all night living with the symptoms and it hurts like a B! I’d much rather be working than this horribleness. I think I have this song stuck in my head because as a child, I was taught to sing it when I felt down or needed my spirits lifted hahaha I guess it just stuck with me. Anyway, I hope your morning has better than mine 🙂 xx

16 thoughts on “Hurting. 

  1. Nothing backs you away from the fun of food like food poisoning 😦 I’m sending you an ancient family get well chant. BoGahZeedy Whammy jammy! BoGahZeedy Whammy jammy! BoGahZeedy Whammy jammy! There…I hope that helped and you feel better now 🙂

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