Birthday vacation !


One more week until I leave for my vacation. I can’t wait !!!! I would love any recommendations especially restaurants/must sees in SanFran! I already know that I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge, ride a street car, Lombard street, visit the full house hood haha a reso at circa for brunch and I have Alcatraz island booked!! I’m looking for trendy supper clubs at night ! xx


25 thoughts on “Birthday vacation !

  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah…. like I go to trendy night clubs. HAHAHAHA… you’re making me laugh so hard now, S.

    Have an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaZING time, though! I’ll be getting back from the cruise about the time you leave for Cali.

    Xoxoxx me

  2. Alll good choices. Visit and have dinner in Sausalito. If you like chocolate, you know where to go, right? There is a spot on the other side of the bridge that gives you a great view of the bridge and city. Not sure if you’ll have time to take a ride out to Napa, but it’s beautiful out there. San Fran is a great city. You’ll have a blast.

        • Ghiradelli Chocolates is in Fisherman’s Wharf not down town. VERY touristy.

          Union square has lots of shopping, Fillmore street too for higher end designers. Check out an Off The Grid in Fort Mason or the Presidio for fun food trucks/ picnics.

          Fort Mason OTG is on Friday evenings, within walking distance of Circa. Most people get dinner at OTG and then go out drinking on Chestnut ( circa), and Union.

          Presidio OTG is on Thursday evenings, with camp fire rings and picnic blankets. Come early for a camp fire. They also hold it Sunday from 11-4 for day picnicking, byob or buy some there.

          Be careful partying on Polk as its in the tenderloin, union square clubs are also near the tenderloin. I refer most to the marina (chestnut and union streets) for bars.

          Also, take interest in using Uber taxi service, very safe, convenient, app based and sometimes cheaper than yellow cabs. Order Uber, ride to destination, say thank you and hop out, no tipping.

          Promo code :

          gets your first ride free up to $20.

          Also check out haight and ashbury for some fun hippie vibe and good eats.

          • Wow thank you so much! That all sounds so amazing. I am so excited incorporate this into my plans. And awesome, thanks for the uber code ! 🙂

            • Sure thing! Oh there is also a crazy ass park over in the mission. It’s called Dolores, it’s crazy because it gets swarmed by hundreds of picnic partiers every sunny weekend. Bring a blanket and picnic gear and maybe some cash and pray you don’t have to pee because the line is like 30mins long. It’s super fun and an amazing way to take in the San Francisco culture. Vendors walking around selling anything from pizzas, to edibles, Ice cream, to rum in coconuts all while taking in a beautiful view of the downtown skyline. If your up for it, prepare for a hang over the next day. It’s worth it, and anyone who’s lived in sf and is young could probably tell you all about it.

                • It’s more of a day time event and then some people party over in that area in the evening at bars and such afterwords. But generally it’s just the day for the park. I haven’t tried evenings.

                  • Im trying to figure out which day will work since all my days are booked ! Ugh!! Its sounds so fun. Feelings on Alcatraz ? Is it worth going to?

                    • I haven’t been since I was little, we did school field trips there since I grew up in Sacramento. I think it’s pretty neat and a must see more so to say you’ve been there, but not sure how it is now as it’s been years. I think they do a night tour which sounds neat, and a bit more spooky! Sorry can’t help much with that one

  3. Fisherman’s Wharf is a “must see”…lots of places for fresh crab, seafood, etc. Golden Gate Park (especially Stow Lake and the Japanese Tea Garden) are great too…OOOOH…and Chinatown’s fun (Cathay House Restaurant is a fave of mine)! For the best view of the city and the bay though, if you can make your way to Twin Peaks (the highest spot, right in the middle of the city), there’re 360-degree views. Ocean Beach and lunch at the Cliff House or the Beach Chalet are fab. I highly recommend the Shrimp Louis at the Cliff House Bistro (bar area) or the Beach Chalet. And if you do go to the Bistro, you MUST have the popovers. To die for. Have fun!


  4. have never traveled to any of these places so have no recommendations but wish you a fun filled and safe trip, enjoy!! love and light to you. Michelle

  5. SF is such a beautiful city with SO much to do. You will enjoy yourself and have plenty of ideas in your plan, I am sure. There is too much for one trip, but you have to start somewhere. It is a city for mass transit…or Uber…don’t waste your time driving! Have a blast and happy birthday…soon!

    • Definitely won’t be driving. Plan to take street cars as much as i can!!! I am so exited to see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge but mostly full house area because I grew up watching that show, quite possibly my favourite !! Thank you so much 💛

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