Sweet William 

This is so incredibly sweet. I wanted to share these beautiful words from my friend Mark for his son William 🙂 so much goodness from one blog… Check it out. love it!! xx

It's All About HOPE!!!

Sweet William

Sweet little boy with the big blue eyes
Stole my heart the first day he cried
Two hugs and a kiss each night before bed
Won’t go to sleep till “I love you” is said

Sweet little boy makes me so proud
With a grin so big you stand out in a crowd
Standing alone you act so shy
With a tug on my heart when we say goodbye

Sweet little boy with such a dirty little face
Playing in the yard at your own sweet pace
Riding your bike or your scooter down the road
Finding a jar to keep a frog or a

Sweet little boy you’ve saved my life
When my days are filled with grief and strife
With a hug and a squeeze all troubles fly away
And a cuddle each night to end the day

Sweet little boy with the big blue…

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