So. Much. Food. 


I’m on my Vaca and I haven’t posted anything since I’ve arrived. We did a couple or days in LA and now we are in Palm Springs. We’ve been having an amazing time! Riding bikes around the beach, shopping, making new friends and… eating!!!!

Just going to share some of the photos. 

The days in Venice beach:





Our lunch at the Venice ale house was awesome. I had the quinoa bowl! 





Dinner at Hakkasan in Beverly Hills was nice. I’ll admit, I’ve had better and for the price….I feel like it was a let down. Anyway, a duck selfie  followed by some dinner pictures hahaha 






A couple of quick photos at LACMA 




Brunch at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. It’s actually one of my favourites in LA and my bestie who doesn’t know she’s my bestie owns it so it’s nice supporting a friend hahaha that would be Lisa Vanderpump. 



We somehow managed to do Runyon canyon between all of the eating and there was a very cute lock fence…sort of like the one in Paris. If I lived in LA I would do Runyon all the time. What a fun way to work out and see all of LA! 


Some quick selfies that really serve no purpose again hahaha 



Our drive into Palm Springs was so much fun. The scenery was beautiful! 




We went straight to downtown Palm Springs and enjoyed the very fun thursday street fest they have every Thursday night. It was packed with so many people with little venues of art, food, clothes or really just anything can you think of. There was live music and let’s just say I gave more to the performers than I did on actually shopping.    They always get me with the “paying for college” banners they have sitting Infront of their tip boxes hahaha I took some photos when the night just started so there aren’t many people there but by the time we left it was rammed with people! 




Had a quick sprinkles cupcake earlier yesterday which I forgot to mention. I’m going to gain 27282 pounds hahaha my nails just happened to match this cupcake. 


Lastnight we went to a Mexican restaurant called Armandos which was really good. Too much cheese for my liking but for the cheese lovers of the world, a definite home run! I also want to add that the margaritas there are so strong they cut you off at two. Hahaha. 




Afterwards we went out to a place called Riley’s (I think?) and did some karaoke hahaha it was interesting to say that least. My friends and I performed wanna be by the spice girls and total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler. It was so bad, I actually feel bed for the people there hahaha it’s a good thing everyone was drunk. 

I made some radom purchases  on this trip but I think my two favourites are these really cool shirts I found in Venice beach and an adorable little outfit for my niece Evangeline 



Okay, I should go shower and start my day. We are heading to a pool party then going to Coachella day one tonight! Hope everyone is having a lovely week and an awesome weeknd ! xo

3 thoughts on “So. Much. Food. 

  1. Looks like you’re having quite the time!!! Glad you are able to have fun. Next time, try Welcome To The Jungle when you do karaoke! 😜😳😊

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