When You’re Young, But Too Old


It's All About HOPE!!!

This is the video from a recent episode of Dateline on NBC. It revolves around the lives of two young men with autism who have “aged out” of school and basically all help and therapy they so desperately need. We sat here in tears while watching this video, knowing that one day, sooner than even we may realize, this will be Isaac. The struggle is real. The heart-wrenching, every day battle with “the system” is real. There are no words to even come close to describing what this life is like. You may get a glimpse of it from time to time, but to really…truly know what it’s like… there are just no words.

So, PLEASE take some time to watch this video. It is about 45 minutes. Again, this is just a glimpse of the struggle, but Dateline did a good job of opening this topic up for future…

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