Coachella day 1 

My gosh. Coachella day one was unbelievable. I honestly didn’t think anything could be so fun. I didn’t go until later in the evening and got to see DJ Snake, ACDC and Alesso. So unreal. I am about to get some rest for day two because I definitely need it!!!!  I’ve been up since 6 am. Here are some photos I snatched. 











13 thoughts on “Coachella day 1 

  1. Envy is a bittersweet pill! So glad you get to experience such a wonderous event and thankful you are sharing. …..P.S. The inflatable caterpillar is awesome.

  2. Very nice photos! You and your friends are so cute, btw! It must have been a fun experience. 🙂

  3. I’d say that I’m so jealous right now, but I think that goes without saying… even though I said it.

    Have fun!

    Oh wait, you already are.

    Have more fun! 🙂

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