Beautiful Strangers

Marks writing is like no other. A great read from a beautiful soul.

It's All About HOPE!!!

Beautiful Strangers

In a battle with a familiar foe
The enemy is crafty
This much I know
The arrows soar all around
Can’t avoid them
Fear has me bound
Turn my back, I’m struck again
Not by the enemy outside
But from the “friend” within

I am the target for those I know
They beat me down
With every blow
Taking a beating by their hands
These are the people
That I call friends
Family too, they join the fight
They kick and punch
With all their might

The weapon used is quite unheard
Not slings and arrows
But damaging words
They tell you how to think and feel
And after they wound you
How you should heal
Spewing hatred they can’t even see Do they not know
What they’re doing to me?

It hurts much more when they’ve won Than it does being robbed
By a man with a…

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