Rain rain. Go away!!

Another day full of rain. what a bust! My friend and I woke up and went for a walk where we stopped to have breakfast at a place called Mosaic at the cove towers. It’s a really nice buffet but I’m hungover (obviously) so I didn’t get to really enjoy it. I was way too lazy to walk around and have them make me my omlette of choice so I just got pancakes and smothered then with Nutella hahaha I also got a load of breakfast meat. I wouldn’t even say I ate 1/4 of it. 


I snapped a few photos of the hotel and beautiful landscape. I am obsessed with all things Bahamas. What a beautiful country with the friendliest people. 

And the view  from my room yesterday  



4 thoughts on “Rain rain. Go away!!

  1. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry it’s raining! Maybe I jinxed you with my comment on your other post!!!! Lol… I’m sure you’ll get lots of beautiful sunshine too!!!

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