Hey everyone, I’m having major FOMO (fear of missing out) not being on WordPress as much as before hahaha I keep checking in just to get caught up. Bahamas is insane, I love it here. I leave tomorrow which makes my heart ache but I’m also so ready to get back to real life. I find myself actually missing work and the gym, a routine will do me good. I’ve been all over the place for the last month (La,Palm Springs for Coachella, scottsdale in Arizona, SANFRAN and now bahas) but I’ve been trying to post some photos of my vacations (all food hahaha) so here is lastnights dinner. We went to a reallly chic spot here called Graycliff which is a hotel, restaurant and cigar bar. So delicious!

Here’s the pool 


This is my friend “walking on water” hahaha 

And all the food hahaha 




This is a photo of my sister (blonde in the middie) along with  my sisters niece, my best friends and my sisters sister in laws (does that make sense?) hahaha we are all one big family. Love them !   


This is my friend Sara and I. Excuse my shirt, It looks lower than it was lol

Some of the fellas we are with 

This is my friend Nate and I   

And if you look closey… You’ll see me in the background of this one. I’m not as sloppy as I look hahahaa promise. Just a quick power nap lol 

Anyway, we are going on the vespas now. Hopefully I come back in one piece hahahaha have a beautiful Monday! xx


4 thoughts on “Graycliff 

  1. You crack me up…. Is FOMO an actual medical condition??? 😜 Well, it looks like a crazy wild fun-filled time!!!! Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

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