The saddest news. 

I am finally home and have been very busy at work. At around 11 I finally got a chance to check my phone and got the most devastating news. Two beautiful girls from where I am from passed away overnight in a head on collision. 

Here are the articles
I am so saddened by this. Olivia and Jordyn were both nice young ladies who were best friends. They were attached by the hip and you could see the love they had for one another on their instagram page. I was not close to them but my brother was in their circle of friends so we’d find ourselves at the same gatherings. They were both kind souls with a lot of spirit. Although I was merely acquaintances with them I have been feeling so low since I got the news. I am asking you to keep these beautiful angels in your prayers. They are now together in paradise. 



This has really brought sadness to my day. It reminds me how short life really is. I want to hug my family and friends real tight and let them know how much I love them. I hope you do the same. xx 

10 thoughts on “The saddest news. 

  1. How sad and awful! You’re absolutely right, such tragedies remind us that life is short and we should enjoy each and every day – and be grateful for our loved ones.

  2. This reminds me that everybody should appreciate one’s life and not taking it for granted to have a fulfilled life. It takes so little to end a life. 😦

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