Hey everyone,

So lately I’ve been slacking on writing like I used to. I have really tried to as much as I could and because I was away for so long I thought it was because of that. What I actually realized is that I may have grown out of it a little bit. It has been one of the most interesting worlds I have entered but my passion for it has slowly disintegrated. I’m not sure why or when it really started but I’ve been really trying to get back into the groove of it but find it rather difficult. I was thinking of taking some time off but I know myself, if I lose interest then there really is no going back. I’m trying to figure out how to fix this or If it’s time to let go of this fun and exciting part of day/life. I think I need a little motivation within myself because I hate giving up on such a good thing! I have been reading other posts to find some inspiration and though they have been lovely reads, I still feel so lazy in all of this writing stuff haha I think because so much of me is consumed in my life (work, social, gym, travel, family and friends) I lost the excitement I had for my alone time (aka blogging) but I am really trying… This has been the most therapeutic thing I have ever done and for that I am forever grateful. I don’t know, I am so hoping that I can muster up a few new topics or get really back into it so until then, happy writing! Wishing you a beautiful week xx

17 thoughts on “Blogging 

  1. Completely understand!!! I find myself throughout the day coming into a situation and thinking “I should write about this”… But then the busyness of the day engulfs me and I just never get to it…. I feel like the 30 day challenge was a great thing because 1. It gave you the topic and 2. It was kind of an accountability for blogging every day…. What if we tried to put together a new list of topics? Kind of help each other out…. Would you be interested?

  2. I think that it’s important for you to realize that your words, whether spoken to a friend or posted on the internet, can have an impact. Your words can inspire and edify when this world is constantly berating. Whether you keep blogging or stop, remember that words are some of the most powerful things. 🙂

  3. I definitely agree with the last few comments. Don’t feel that you have to post anything according to any kind of schedule…blogging can be such a mind-expanding, fulfilling practice, but it can burn one out if one lets it take up too much time and energy. Plus, too many posts (especially multiple ones a day as some bloggers do) can turn off some readers a bit.
    Just write and post when the inspiration strikes you! Your friends and blog family will appreciate hearing from you any time…any time at all!

  4. So crazy that I came across this. I have a hard time with that as well but I try to make it a priority because ultimately blogging is what I love and at some point would love to be able to blog as apart of starting my business. I made it a goal to be more consistent with my blogging but in between blogs I just freewrite. I don’t want to just blog just to be blogging. I want to make posts about something and not just a random thought. Once you lost interest, yes, you stop. Keep writing daily even if it’s not on here. Go back into your writings and see if that sparks something to post on your blog.

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