First game ! 

What a success! Our first game was so much fun. We actually just have practice runs but our team is pretty solid. I think it works because we are a bunch of friends from so many years so the chemistry is definitely there! I’m not as bad as I thought I’d be, actually to be honest I think I’m pretty decent hahaha I had 5 serves in a row (5 points in a row) and my team really motivated me to keep going at it. I worked as hard as I could so I’m also proud of that! Everyone on my team had so much fun and we can’t wait for the actual season to start. Afterwards we all went to the restaurant attached to it called Barangas on the beach and enjoyed some Greek food. The service was soooooooo bad but it was nice to be around good company. I got the gyro with no pita and a Greek salad. I decided today that I don’t like Greek salads so that’ll be the last time I get that haha I also am not so down with Tzaziki either. So basically I just enjoyed the gyro part of my meal hahaha here it is.  

 I’m seriously still hungry but I shall try to stay strong. Hope everyone had a great monday! xx 

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