12 thoughts on “💛

  1. Wow this is deep… It’s after 11 o’clock at night. Do you know where your brain is right now? I don’t. Sorry. I meant to say… I don’t know where my brain is but I really like this quote, S. Of course, anything about love is OKay in my book these days. Especially when I get to say that I love you my little sister.

  2. I agree….. Only, I have to add something that I feel is essential to that statement…..
    Whatever you have read about “their story”, I would hope that the reader consider that the reality and emotional depth of the story goes beyond what is written or displayed. ..

  3. I know the people above have said some deep stuff but you know me well enough.

    When I read that I just instantly thought of Hitler. Not in support, just an argument against.

    • I’m curious about your statement and more about it. I’m not for or against —- I’m just a curious person and interested in others opinions and thoughts on things……
      I’m an info junkie lol

      • Nothing much, I just tend to find humour in inappropriate places. While the quote is on about looking for the good of all people, I just challenged it if the quote would still be legit if it was Hitler’s story we were all reading. Well, technically Neo-Nazi’s would, but are they people? I wasn’t hating on anything y’all said, immature jokes are just kinda my thing.

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