Roam&Home:Food Edition 

I mentioned yesterday that I will be incorporating restaurant reviews on my blog. I have decided to call it “Roam&Home: Food edition” because it’ll be all the restaurants or food in general that I get to enjoy go at home and while I am roaming other cities and countries! I am going to find the time to go back on past posts and put them all in this category. I try to take it easy on my food posts but I somehow still have so many up hahaha so I’ve decided I’ll be coming full force. I asked for some feedback yesterday and a very nice fellow blogger commented some ideas. Here they are…

So my layout will be very similar to Medhas suggestion.  

Name of restaurant 


Type of cuisine 

Review on service, ambiance and food from starter to dessert 

Photos of everything (whether it be good or bad) 

I think this will be nice for me to reflect on for future visits to that city and it can also help readers visiting there! 

I am open to suggestions and would love more feedback. I also would love some help on how to create categories. 


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