I’m in bed trying to muster up the energy to get ready for tonight’s festivities. I went to a delicious sushi dinner with my family after work then came home and showered. I still have not changed from my night gown that I wore straight out of my shower. I am seriously a slobby sleepy mess hahaha but I wanted to share how my hair dries. It’s a mix of “hit by tornado” and “electrocuted” so there’s that lol. Anyway, It’s a long weekend here in Canada so I am off until Tuesday! Tonight my friend Jacyntha is having a party, tomorrow is my baby (17 year old) sisters birthday, Sunday is my best friends nephews first birthday that somehow has an open bar (no complaints, makes for an awesome fun day sunday) and Monday is “May 24” aka Victoria Day so another family birthday for Stephanie with some volleyball mixed in there. I hope everyone has a beautiful, safe and fun weekend!! xx

12 thoughts on “Hair 

  1. That is great that you can throw up random pictures (as is) I’ve always been camera shy …. But I do have Live video recordings of me ranting and raving that I should just post already lol

      • I know I should… It’s not the content or judgment I’m worried about……. It’s that for some reason when I’m being recorded I do not present/deliver it naturally. If you get what I’m saying?
        I know it’s sounds silly, given that I am recording myself and could always delete and re-record it, but it never comes out like it would if I was speaking live.

  2. That’s your messy hair bed gown day look!? I was gonna say how well you rock that look! Nice job. After I shower my hair puffs out unless I wear a beanie for an hour while it dries.

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