Hello all,

So I’m back for some more advice/help. I am super hungry and it’s almost midnight here. I want to try to sleep without consuming anything but I know ignoring hunger pains is a very silly thing to do. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I can have to hold me over until breakfast? I was thinking of having half of a banana. I need my word press health gurus to help me right now hahaha Any tip is a useful one!! xx

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  1. Hunger stems from something either too much or not enough. Drink water and hang out with yourself and figure out what your body is telling you. Why do you want to lose weight anyways? You look great.

    • I chugged water for two hours before I even contemplated food. I’m starving hahaha but I ate half of a banana so I’m hoping that helps. I have an even in 65 days (who’s really counting) and I need to feel comfortable in my dress. Nobody is harder on me than me haha

      • The feeling of thirst happens way after we are thirsty. The body is weird like that. Bananas are good for potassium and fruit sugar but, you’re right dresses aren’t the most forgiving. Are you getting married?

        • No way haha my best friend is and it’s her big engagement party July 25. I’m in the wedding party which means pictures on pictures. I always hate wearing very fitted clothes but to top it off with pictures makes it more unbearable for me!

          • Yeah, I hate pictures too. I hide from the cameramen during races by dipping behind other racers. My fighter friend does a “cleanse” before a fight. A few days before a weigh in he drinks some Perrier and sleeps with Ben Gay and Saran Wrap around his midsection. I helped him apply this goo to his abs. He does it for the cameras mostly so he gets good shots of his abs but with the effort he could lose two inches off his waist in a few days.

          • An easier way is to take your goal weight and multiply by ten and that’s your daily calorie intake. You have 65 days so that’s easy to hit with some self control. If it’s over ten percent of your original weight be careful.

            • Oh wow really? That’s really useful. I have been eating about 200 calories less than I should be but I’ve seen some progress. Thanks for the help, I actually will make use of that

  2. Fruit is the best option! it keeps you going because it has natural sugars, unlike chocolate etc so your blood sugar is more likely to stay steady and so will keep you going for longer than other stuff which will cause your blood sugar to shoot up and then fall down.

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