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  1. I’m curious of your opinion – do you believe there is one special person out there for everyone?

      • I agree with you that when things don’t feel right, they usually aren’t. I’ve seen too many people attempting to “make someone love them.” It doesn’t work that way. I can’t tell you how many times I have told someone that if the individual wanted to be with you, they would, as they know how you feel. I’m sorry but it is time to move along. You can’t change people, no matter how hard you try, wish, or hope.

        As far as the other topic, no, I don’t believe there is one special person for everyone. I believe that there are lots of people we are compatible with and likely perhaps in different portions of our life as we experience growth and have new life changing experiences.

        For example, someone you meet at 21 and think you love and they are the one, might not be that person at 35.

        That being said, for those individuals interesting in finding love, I hope they find someone they are compatible with and can share with.

        • Beautifully put. You changed my perspective on it haha I agree with you. People you fall in love with at a certain age may not be what you want years later. Very true !!

          • Thank you. I am humbled.

            That being said, I think if we find someone special, we will often encounter others we find we are compatible with too, but we can choose to make the decision that we, including our partner, will work to keep our relationship fresh and navigate changes.

            Conversely, I think a lot of relationships end because people drift apart. People often want to equate blame and sometimes there is no blame. People don’t do anything wrong. We just grow and change and sometimes we grow in different directions.

  2. Very good quote. 🙂

    I have thoughts similar to this on occasion. I’m in my late 30’s and I can tell you that there’s a loneliness that comes with the waiting. Sometimes I’ll wonder if I can grab a willing candidate, any willing candidate, and just go for it. But then that one question jumps into my head, asking me, “Do you really want to take such a permanent action based on a not-so-permanent feeling of loneliness?” Of course, I say no and continue with my day.

    In short, I’m willing to wait for that fabled one true love. If she ever happens to appear, I hope she appreciates it. lol 🙂

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