Dinna Dinna 

Today I decided to make my dinner. I’m trying to eat healthy for my insides (and because I have a birthday this weekend hahaha) and so I want to start cooking more often. I wasn’t sure what to make so I decided to take two of my favourite foods, chicken and my home made tomato sauce to make dinner for my friend and I (it’s her birthday week) that we could both enjoy and not feel guilty eating. I went to the grocery store and just started picking up random vegetables that I thought would taste good together. 

2 organic chicken breasts

1 pack of sliced mushrooms

4 little hot peppers for a little kick 

2 baby eggplants 

I cut everything up  (didn’t add the tomatoes in picture because I used my homemade sauce)

I added 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and threw the chicken into a pot for a few minutes before tossing the rest of the ingredients in. Once I combined it all I added some dry oregano along with a dash of salt and pepper.


I noticed that it was harder to cook it in a pot so I changed to a pan hahaha I used a jar of my tomatoe sauce to mix in with my little creation 


Cut up some chives and bam, just like that…dinner was served!


My friend and I both loved it. I can tell you that it is so much more enjoyable eating what I made than at a restaurant because I know exactly what went in it. I estimated the calories and it was about 350 per serving. A very satisfying and delicious meal, I can’t wait to try new random creations I come up with by simply being inspired in the produce isle at a my local grocery store hahaha it may not look amazing but it truly was! Happy Tuesday 🙂 xx

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