This is awful 


Yes yes yes so much yessssss. I honestly can’t believe how much of a trap adult life is. I’m still working (currently at home though) and it’s almost 1 am. Let me go back to colouring in the lines as my biggest issue real quick! The days I thought that was real stress haha If I only knew…

11 thoughts on “This is awful 

  1. It’s not nice, but I laugh at our kids when they come home from school with all their drama… I just think, wait till you have real problems kid!!! Lol

    • Hahaha so true. I used to be so upset if I wasn’t invited to a birthday party and now I’m hoping people don’t. Life is busy!!!! Hahaha

      • Yup…. And like dating. I ask, are you ready to get married? Then why get so attached to one person, when odds are you’re just gonna get hurt!

        • Dating?!?! Wow that’s a whole different stress. Kids should stay far away until maybe they’re in their 20s hahaha but then again that’s the middle eastern side of me speaking

          • I totally agree…. I didn’t date at all until college. I think it saved me a lot of heartache… Kathleen was my first, and only, girlfriend. 😊

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