Caitlyn Jenner 


This is incredible. Such a beautiful moment. I know that the Kardashians  and Jenners usually have bad media on them but this time they took their spotlight and made good use of it. I could care less if Bruce/Caitlyn is famous or not, she is facing something a lot of people in the world face today. I think it is beautiful that she is using her voice to speak out and help so many people to gain the the love, compassion and respect that they so truly deserve. It’s so touching that Caitlyn has reminded us all that we are human with our own unique journey and identity. Bruce lived a whole life of being a Olympic champion and now Caitlyn is living a life of being so many people’s hero. Serving two roles not everyone can in one life time. I can imagine that it is such a tough transition for their family, but it goes to show how strong they are to face this so publicly and  stand together as one. Your family can be your harshest critic but your biggest supporters when you call for them.  I am forever wishing them  happiness. xx
What is everyone elses feelings on this? 

5 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner 

  1. Amazing how someone 27 years young can confidently say “I am built to love another unconditionally.” As a parent of two young 30-somethings I know your parents will be proud. Well done 🙂

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