8 thoughts on “😨

  1. Oh! definitely the last one. We, the caring kinds, rarely stop caring & if somehow we manage to do so, it is damn frustrating getting stressed about it.

  2. I know the feeling all to well…I stopped caring for a while now…and I’m actually stressed out by it. It is really frustrating. Seems like I just can’t stop being stressed out.

  3. I didn’t care… but only for one day… then you sent me something in an email & I laughed… and that’s all it took… and now I care even more… it’s that easy. Sometimes the power of one person is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaZING. SSSS 🙂 ily

    p.s. There is ALWAYS a “p.s.” with me, you know? Don’t stress over it.
    p.s.s. THIS is new!!! I’d be sadder about the last line cause it is truly a kerfluffle there…

  4. Been there and done that!!! My favorite line is “I love getting older, the older I get, the less of a s**t I give!”

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