My best friends mom is a hairdresser and she messaged me saying she had a client that reminded her so much of me. I guess she told the client and then asked for a picture to show me. Apparently not only do we have the same personality but we actually look a lot alike! I did a side by side and we could totally pass for sisters. What are the odds?! Do you see it? She’s on the left and if you follow me you know I’m on the right (old pictures)

My doppelgΓ€nger


Haha small world!  

20 thoughts on “Haha!

  1. I see the resemblance but I wouldn’t say you guys look a lot like. You both are very beautiful though!

  2. That “doppel” word… does that mean “twin” or something?

    I have one of these, too. I met her about 38 years ago. How cool is that???

    Oh, I guess I should tell you that she is my daughter. HAHAHA!!! We could pass for twins on a good day. On a good day for me. It’s a bad day for her when people say she looks just like me 😦

    You do look like this lady, YES!!!

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