I have an event i’m attending tonight for my friends grand opening and I was ordered to look nice hahaha so I decided to get my makeup done because I don’t know how to apply it myself. I can seriously say that I don’t even look like myself. And no, I don’t know how to smile until I have a personality drink in me 🙂   

No makeup and hair not done   


Vs makeup and hair done  
It’s crazy what it can do!! 

11 thoughts on “Makeup! 

  1. Count my vote on the au natural look WITHOUT the goofy frown, SSSSS. You’re so amaaaaaZINGly beautiful without all the goop & stuff. I’m with you on preferring the no makeup and the itchiness. Anyhow, you look gorgeous, dahling. Absolutely gorgeous. No go out and have a great time tonight. Love you!!!

    Oh, love the necklace. It’s simple yet exquisite. That’s not the right word but my brain has already gone to bed so you’re stuck with whatever pops out of my… (insert body part here)…. LOL xoxoxx

  2. Hmmmm, both are nice. I heard a preacher once say, when asked if wearing makeup was vanity, “Well, if the barn needs painting…” 😜 I don’t think your barn needs painting… 👍😃😊

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