18 thoughts on “UGH

  1. A lot of calories…. I was in the habit of counting but then I stopped and now I’m just ashamed of the calories I ingest on a daily basis now. ):

  2. BUT… it is fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt underneath, right??? LOL

    We have one of these places on Cocoa Beach. It’s called “I Dream of Jeannie… something or other” … BECAUSE… the t.v. show “I Dream of Jeannie” supposedly happened here near Kennedy Space Center! Jeannie & her bottle SUPPOSEDLY washed up on Cocoa Beach.

    I’ll take you there when you come for your visit next winter 🙂

    p.s Cause we don’t get snow here. That’s why.

  3. Oh I second that. My son had a smoothie the other day and then told me he found the calories were like 1800. Say what!!

  4. This is funny what looks good and tasty from a culture to another… this pic made me almost puke my breakfast. I ate stinky french camembert (not at all pasteurized, by the way) on garlic toasts with teh tarik. Most of my American friends – or foreign friends for all that matters – give me the disgusted look. Some don’t even want to share a meal with me anymo… 😦

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