I arrived in South Beach, Miami  yesterday to surprise my sister or her 30th birthday! She came out here for her birthday with her husband,her best friend and her best friends husband. My brother in law Pete arranged for 6 of us to come surprise her at dinner! We landed at around 330 but since Nobu wasn’t booked until 1030 we had a lot of time to kill without Sandi seeing us. We went to Lincoln mall and had a bite to eat! The food was delicious. The restaurant was called Rosinella and it was Italian cuisine. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful  weather.

 I started with an antipasto 

Everyone kind of ordered the same starter haha with the exception of a few of us 

My main was chicken Marsala 


And through out my meal I enjoyed a few mojitos hahaha my friend Sara went with strawberry but that’s way to sweet for me so I did the original 


My friend Sara and her fiancé Will love wine. She was teaching me how to drink it properly and as you can see in the background will has a sense of humour hahaha  I’m not really sure if my videos will post but I’ll try to attach them and you guys let me know! 

Afterwards we did some quick shopping then came back to our rooms at around 8 and relaxed until dinner. 

My friend Kris and I were bored so we just took weird videos and pictures on our belcony hahaha    

Also, I really like our hotel. The room is perfect for the ocean front feel! 

Finally it was time to surprise my sister! We arrived at Nobu at around 10 and sat at our table waiting patiently. I tried to get a video of Sandi walking in but it’s blurry haha 

We got sooooooo much food but I was still full from my linner (lunch+dinner) so I just mainly had my vodka water hahaha I did however snap a few photos of the food. I’ve mentioned in the past that Nobu is one of my favourite spots to eat sushi and stand by my word haha 




I snapped a quick photo of our table  


We ended up leaving the restaraunt  around 1 am and going to a bar out here called Mokai. I was so much fun! We drank and danced until 430 am and then all went our separate ways. I tried to take a video of my sister and the bar haha she’s the best! 30 never looked better. 

Haha it’s 10 am now but I’ve been up since 830. We have a pool party today which I’m so excited for! I love celebrating birthdays and it’s even more fun to celebrate my sister with  all of her closest friends in South beach! I hope everyone is having an equally amazing weekend 🙂 xx

Also. Here are some ugly yet weirdly fun selfies of my best friends Sara, Kristina and I hahaha I clearly don’t know how to smile even at this age 


10 thoughts on “Miami

  1. That sounds like such a fantastic place! I hope you’re enjoying the pool party! These are the memories that’ll last a lifetime so enjoy them!x

  2. SSSSS… you are but a mere 2 hours south of MOI…

    Did you post this at a time when you could have been “BUI” ???? hahaha… love the way you spelled Miami. You’re so cute!

    Glad you’re having an awesome weekend. Amazing weather, eh?

      • Hmmmm……….. Well, I could go but I wouldn’t…… Without going into detail, I discovered, became aware of something going on that I wish I hadn’t because I loved Florida. lol
        I’m sure your imagination is going to go crazy…. but even though it was crazy, it wasn’t like CRAZY CRAZY, just enough that I don’t feel comfortable going there because of what I know. EVEN THOUGH IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME — GRRRR —– LOL

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