I’m a brat 

In Miami on Sunday we decided to get our makeup done for fun hahaha we had big dinner at prime 112 and bar plans at LIV so we figured we’d spoil ourselves. I took a before and after picture and was literally amazed at how different makeup made me look this time. I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup usually just mascara and a natural lip but the girl who did my makeup is seriously on a different level of talented and I wish I could kidnap her and bring her here to Canada hahaha here it is!


After my makeup was done  and I styled my own hair 


How crazy is that?!!   

No wonder I’m obsessed with Kim kardashians looks, she has a makeup artist with her at all times!!! I literally do not even look like the same person. Ugh, to have someone with me always… That would be the life! 

20 thoughts on “I’m a brat 

  1. I genuinely think you look equally beautiful either way, but I share your awe at the transformative power of make-up x

  2. Wow, that really did make a difference. You look beautiful in both though. Natural and fancy 🙂 (funny word eh? Fancy?) Hey, you’re Canadian? I’m a Canadian. Although I haven’t lived there for over 13 years now.

  3. The makeup though did not change your essential look. I bet you could learn how to apply the makeup that way. Maybe go to a bunch of different Macy’s or the like makeup counters and start snagging tricks from them … leading questions like – how did you do that? 🙂

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