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    Perhaps. But speaking from experience, ten years ago I sure as hell did choose my life and at that moment I was absolutely certain about the choice. Time and traumatic life events have a knack for changing one’s perspective, though, and before that ten years was up I fooled myself into believing that I had settled for the life I had chosen. So I chose another life. Now that it’s actually been ten years, I’ve finally had my epiphany. That’s the problem with epiphanies–they almost always come too late. Joni Mitchell was right– “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.” Seriously, there’s something to be said for “settling.” It’s not necessarily such a bad thing. When you know you’ve got something really good, well, you hold on to it, goddammit–you don’t fool yourself into thinking that you could have something better. People prone to reevaluating their lives in the manner of this quote also run the risk of putting themselves into a state of perpetual motion. These same folks seem to forget that “a rolling stone gathers no moss” is not a good thing. The only people who should keep on moving are wanted fugitives and Caine from Kung Fu. The rest of us run the risk of finding ourselves rolling downhill not like a stone, but rather like a snowball headed for Hell.

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