I need serious help. I always do this. I was just thinking about my NYC trip next week and started lurking prices for other places. I wrote about going to south of France a couple of days ago but quickly scratched that idea. Fast forward to today and I have that major Europe itch again. I messaged my friend about doing Greece and next thing I know we are comparing prices and booking our vacation. I fly into Athens and we are sailing around from island to island. Athens –> Paros –> ios–> Santorini –> Mykonos! I will be leaving for NYC on Monday July 27th and Greece on Friday August 28th. 




okay that is all. Sorry for “bragging” but isn’t that the whole point of what I initially started this blog anyway? Traveling hahaha I’ll be posting so many pictures!

Goodnight ya’ll xx

5 thoughts on “Ahhh GREECE!

  1. Are you traveling on a budget and if so, could you give some advice for budget traveling. If not, it’s okay. Lol

    • Yes I am! I mean, it wasn’t super cheap but to get to Europe from Canada is always a little pricier than traveling to the states or Mexico. Everywhere I go, I always book through airbnbs…if it’s not too far I book the whole place but for a place like Greece my friend and I want to live like locals! We rented a room in some of the stops because we want authentic Greek life haha it’s only 40 dollars a night, so that’s 20 for each night for each of us! As for flights, I always keep a tracker on the sites I visit for the flights that i’d be interested in and when prices drop they email me. It’s actually a really smart way to save a lot of money and mostly all travel sites have it. As for spending money, I always try to “budget” in more than I feel like I’ll spend just so that when I get home I have a reward of extra money hahaha from doing some research, I saw that to eat a good filling meal in Greece it’s about 7 euros. I won’t be going to fancy restaurants because like i mentioned earlier I’m doing it mostly for the cultural experience so I feel the little mom and pop restaurants will have the best Greek cuisine! I also booked through a tour because I think it’s a fun way to travel and meet new people which is a fixed price that includes almost everything you need besides food. If you need any help with travel plans, I’d be more than happy to help… I’m pretty good at finding good deals. Email me! Stella.zaia@gmail.com 🙂

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