My excitement 

I haven’t been able to write lately. I know I say that often but it’s so damn true. I feel like I’m always doing something which gives me less than little time to spare to be on my blog like I used to haha. I’m currently in bed and finally have a few minutes to think out loud. As you can tell from my title, I’m feeling a little excited. I know this sounds a little crazy but I think I’m ready for summer to be over (don’t shoot me hahaha) I’m just super excited for the fall. I’ll be heading to Greece at the end of this month for a couple of weeks and when I’m back I’m hoping it’s starts to feel like fall here in Canada. I’ve been doing some shopping and aside from piling up on all the summer sale clothing (for my Greece trip, obviously) I have found myself getting a lot of fall items. I’m really into anything that looks like or resembles the camel colour haha I recently purchased a gorgeous suede fall jacket and shoes to match hahaha which sounds very tacky but pairs beautifully together.  I think I’m really excited because I’ve spent the last year of my life really working hard at the gym so it’ll be nice to buy some things I feel more confident in. I mean, I know we all (well most of us) face our own body image battles so to others I may have looked fine prior (or gross, whatever hahaha) but it’s finally a time where I am getting more comfortable in my own skin to a point where getting dressed isn’t as dreadful as it once was. So yes, my excitement right now is getting dressed in scarves and boots and fall everything lol which I’m not sure is a sad or not lol. What are you all excited for? Are you sad to see summer go? Have a beautiful night 🙂 xx

2 thoughts on “My excitement 

  1. I get depressed when summer goes away, so I am trying my best to hold on to the summer as hard as I can. Time goes by so quickly, though. I AM ready for a couple of small trips I will take with my family before our big holiday to Hawaii for Christmas. I was doing great on losing weight but since I took up blogging I have gained 10 pounds. Probably because I spend my time sitting down typing instead of exercising. Gotta work on that. You also have a beautiful night.

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