5 thoughts on “When I was young

  1. Reblogged this on literallylaurie and commented:
    I absolutely love this…and I’ll add eating those little yellow clover and wondering if they were poisonous, being afraid of sunflowers because they were so tall and they moved with the sun, exercising my face after making a bad face and being told “it will stick that way,” doing the “I must increase my bust” exercise because the Judy Blume book said it would help, wanting a twirly dress – ALWAYS a twirly dress…

  2. This makes me think… How being from so diverse cultures, far far away, from different continents, children think alike – do alike. I used to do everything what you said minus stuffed animals thing 🙂 This makes me believe in this beautiful place called the Earth where we live. We all are alike. We have same weirdness and same sanity. We have same fantasies and similar phobias. Thank you Stella for taking me back to my childhood, even though for just a bit.

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