Day 1. 


I know, I know… I’ve been MIA for a while now. I’ve said it all before and it’s the same old story. Life is busy!!! I have so many things going on and my mind is so occupied that I forgot to even click on my word press box on my iPhone. I haven’t really had much to talk about but I am here to write a little journal in regards to my hopefully successful weight loss challenge of October. I think we all know by now that one of my biggest insecurities and struggles is weight. I know there are plenty of people with more to lose as there are plenty of people who are in much much much better shape than I am. I don’t mean to be insensitive, I think we all know we all have our own personal goals! I have never met a day in my life where I have been completely satisfied with the way my body looks. Needless to say, the scale has never been my friend. What’s low to me may be high to others and what’s high to me may be low to others. I don’t know. All I know is that everyday, I try to improve myself so that one day I can finally feel at peace with the reflection in the mirror. I am not sitting here crying about being ugly, I know that isn’t the case at all. I actually don’t think anyone is ugly. The only person who is ugly is the one calling others it. My issue is just wanting to look my healthiest to a point where I have been so unhealthy in a desperate attempt to reach my goals. So here I am, I have a new attempt hahaha no, hear me out. I have decided to give waist training another go.  I’ve done this before but the difference between the first time I tried it and now is that before I thought it was some magic pill that would instantly give me a Kim K physique and now I know that it’s just a little push along with exercise and a healthy balanced diet. I am proud to say that I have been on a very healthy track for almost a year. For those who have my on Instagram,  you may beg to differ. I post a lot of food photos Hahaha but everything in moderation? Right. Anyway!!! I have also joined a kick boxing class to keep things moving. Today is my first day of training. I am looking for some advice. I’ve been wearing it since 6 am and it is now 6 pm. I have had 2 healthy meals so far and a healthy snack. I’ll be having dinner shortly. I’m going to try to document this as a I go. Is there any must dos or must donts while doing this type of thing?! Please let me know! 🙂 

 Kim with hers on…
Here’s to hoping!  xx

5 thoughts on “Day 1. 

  1. I hope you enjoy kickboxing. It’s a lot of fun.

    The only thing I’m able to suggest is to watch your calories. Be sure to eat enough to keep your energy up, but not so much that exercising makes little to no difference. Also, keep a balanced diet: protein, grain, dairy, fruits, vegetables… I think you know the food groups. 😉 Also, try to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup and if you can eat fresh made meals rather than processed foods, that would be a good thing. And if you have a huge piece of cake or a whole pie in front of you and you don’t think you can resist the temptation to dig in, just send it over to me and I’ll do the diet-breaking for you. Since it’s my own diet that would be breaking, you wouldn’t be affected. Easy, right? Seriously, though, don’t be afraid to occasionally have that slice of cake or pie or whatever dessert you enjoy. Treating yourself as a reward for meeting your diet and exercise goals is a good way to motivate yourself to reach for those goals.

    Good luck with your diet and exercise program. Remember, even if you don’t lose a pound, as long as you’re eating healthier, you’re all the better for it. And if, at any time, you feel like you’d be better off stepping away from your program, go right ahead and do that. You are beautiful just the way you are. Good luck again! 🙂

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