The death of a stranger. 

Lastnight I found out an Internet celebrity passed away. Yes, an Internet comedian. Someone I followed religiously on Instagram and watched his following grow from a couple thousand people to 114,000. When I say he was a genius, I mean it literally. The way he understood “white girls” was like no other. I don’t know if makes a difference or not but for whatever reason he followed me back and communicated with me on Instagram so for me made the connection seem real haha. I guess that’s a way  I tell myself it’s okay to feel so sad over someone I didn’t know in real life.You know that one friend you’ve never met but you feel like you know? This was one of those situations for me. It’s so crazy how you can interact with a complete stranger simply by clicking that tiny heart saying you approve with laughter. So sad he has passed away. Life is short. Be funny. Give hearts. All the people who knew of him or personally knew him will miss his brilliant insight and dry humour.  The king of social media. The Internet got a lot less colourful. My favourite person I’ve never met. May he rest in peace 😔🌹
If you want to have a good laugh you should definitely check out his instagram and Twitter accounts. @trevso_electric  

You will not regret it. His captions will you give belly aches of laughter. 

Here are some of his funny creations

2 thoughts on “The death of a stranger. 

  1. I know what you mean. Nowadays Internet-based relationships are as real as any other relationship. After all the internet allows us to do what’s most important in life: to reach out and connect to others.
    I am deeply sorry for your loss. He will be remembered.

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