Gym observations 

So it’s that time again. The time where I work out so much that me muscles ache and I’m unable to walk or lift a thing. Typing suddenly becomes a task and the bathroom that was once 10 feet away feels like a mile walk. Can I tell you how much I beat myself up for always leaving “losing weight” to the very last minute. I mean, the absolute last minute. I have a gala next Thursday and my procrastinator self decided to finally get my ass in gear. I know right? You’d think that I would have done that for the summer or perhaps my two week long trip to the Greek islands. Nope. Not even close. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I had my friends engagement end of July and I literally (and I mean lit-er-ally) worked out everyday with a combination of eating like a bird. I did all of that so that I can finally pose in pictures with confidences for my best friend but nope…that didn’t even work in my favour hahaha. I mean, I was doing well but someway, somehow as soon as I left that hall…. I was off to Nyc and have been a mess since then. Anyway, sorry for the details of my bad habits…I’m trying again. I really am trying. Anyone who says they love working out is lying. I do like it. Do not get me wrong. Once I get in the groove of things I really like to have the gym as part of my routine. I, like many others need something to kill my time while I’m here. For some it’s music, for some it’s the tv directly infront of me attached to my machine 

Pictured here:

But not I. For me, my brain runs wild. I think. I think about everything. Almost every detail of my life. From family to friends to work and what I could have done to make my day more productive. Anyway, back to my caption for this post. I have decided to write about what I mostly do at the gym to get away from thinking about my life which is observe others. So as I’m here on the elliptical 29 minute and 58 seconds deep I can’t help but look around. Notice others. There’s a spin class going on to the right of me through the glass but for one reason or another I’ve convinced myself that someone took my usual spot so I shouldn’t go today. That’s the lazy in me talking. The fact that I have a spot in spin class counts for something right? That’s the optimistic side of me talking. Anyway. There isn’t much to observe today. I walked up to a machine in the cardio section of the gym and noticed a guy  my friends and I had a… Let’s call it a miscommunication with one time so naturally, I quickly turned around and tried to avoid small talk. I think he saw me through the reflection of his machine because when I turned around I could see him seeing me walk to the opposite side of the machines in the window reflection.  I also have my soccer jersey on so it doesn’t help me hiding when my last name is plastered on the back of my shirt lol. So back to the original reason of why I decided to write this haha as I was working up a sweat I noticed a cute little boy who was about ten (guesstimate) come up to the machine a few spots away from myself trying to get on his machine.  I know right? How sweet it is that a young little fella would care so much about his health and lifestyle. That’s what I was thinking too.  Now here’s the really impressive and admirable part…he is in a wheelchair. This little cutie came to the gym after his long school day to help his heart. There are so many people in this world who let day by day pass them without changing their life style and complain about their health. Stress and cry about it when they make no attempt to better their situation. Then there are kids like this who don’t have the luxury of the feet we stand on to walk to the bathroom or kitchen yet somehow get to the gym to better their future. I’m not saying that it’s unheard of, what I’m saying is that we live in a world of people (sometimes myself included) who make every excuse to skip working out for just  30 minutes to one hour and then complain. I hate that I just went on a rant about this but it’s things like this that paint the big picture. I guess today’s observation is that if we all tried a little more we would be a lot happier like the child next to me who seems to be smiling ear to ear talking to his lovely mother despite the fact that he can’t join his friends to play the sport he probably dreamt of playing. I make that assumption because he’s in basketball gear so I’m not sure if he even has a desire to play any sports but you get my point. Anyway, my time on the machine has come to an end. I aplogize for the longest grammatically flawed post I’ve ever written but this is a littleabout my day and my gym time killing observation. Until next time! xx

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