Adele is a queen. There is simply no other way to put it. She has the greatest voice of all time and her lyrics pull on all heart strings. I’ve literally been playing “hello” on repeat since I downloaded her album yesterday. Hello is the only one I have access to as of now and on November 20th the rest of the album will be released. I am seriously way too excited for it and I advise anyone looking for a great song to listen to, to download this! I also preordered Justin biebers new album because his 3 songs that have been released are amazing. Yes, I preordered Justin’s new cd hahaha it’s the Canadian in me. Also, he’s not bad to look at. Do you guys have any songs you’d recommend for me to listen to? xx

4 thoughts on “Amazing 

  1. Adele, she does have an amazing voice. As for Bieber is not at all among my musical tastes 😉 can’t help you with him 🙂

  2. My boyfriend is so annoyed with me, i’ve had it on repeat since it dropped. As for other music, Meghan Trainer makes me super happy. Credit Where It’s Due by her makes me giggle.

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