My Halloween costume 

So I finally decided on a costume for Halloween! I left it to last minute because I knew if I stressed about it earlier I would have definitely changed my mind a million times. Anyway, after a few options I decided I am going to dress up as a pregnant Kim Kardashian. I figured this would be an easy look and easy since it’s all from my closet. I found a black fitted dress, dramatic heels nobody should be wearing while pregnant and an oversized jacket that’s beige because that’s Kim’s go to look hahaha I threw on big box glasses and diamond studs. I parted my hair in the middle and put it in a low ponytail since she rocks that all the time. Obviously I added a pillow to my tummy. 

Here is my look!


I’m going to find a big fake ring tomorrow too. Should I carry a baby that looks like north? I’m contemplating it. 
Here is some of Kim’s pregnant looks 


Here is my north 

Hahaha what are y’all being this year? 🙂

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