5 thoughts on “Pray for Paris 

  1. What is wrong with our world is that we are human and this is what humanity looks like. We all attempt to shape the world into our vision of perfection, whether we try to affect a small circle or a much larger one. The problem comes when different people not only don’t agree on what perfection is, but also don’t respect the different views other people have when it comes to what perfection is.

    All of us, in one form or another, work to make life as comfortable as possible for ourselves. But one person’s comfort can become another person’s conflict, and people become willing to do whatever they have to do to get their way, to establish their comfort level over everyone else, that’s when uncaring of others and passion for that disregard takes hold.

    What is wrong with our world is that we carry this notion that there are good guys and bad guys, and we’re the good guys and the other side are the bad guys. The ironic thing about this notion is that the other side thinks that they’re the good guys and we’re the bad guys. Everyone thinks they’re on the right side. Only by questioning your side can you hope to remove yourself from such nonsense and begin to see that there are no good guys or bad guys; there is only violence and non-violence. And unfortunately for the non-violent, the violent will always pull them into whatever mess they’re creating through their nonsensical ways of good and bad, of right and wrong, of an extremely serious belief that the enemy is someone who doesn’t share your specific perspective.

    What is wrong with our world is that we are human and this is what humanity looks like.

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