My birthday 

Words will never be enough to explain how appreciative I was for all that was done for my birthday this year. Excuse me as I get cheesy and ignore my grammar lol well…I’ve been busy. I’ve been traveling. Seeing musicians up close and personal and admiring their talent. Watching my niece grow up and coming to know and love her more each and every single day. Watching my best friend enjoy the best time of her life as she prepares to get married. Celebrating all that’s to come with and for her. Watching and hearing about people getting engaged has been cool, it’s so nice to see people find that in their lives.Feeling estatic for my friends who have reached goals they’ve been trying to achieve for years. I’ve had the fortune and blessing of having one of the best years of my life. 27 was incredible. 28 will be even better. I know they always say “it’s going to be my year” and lord knows that’s cliche but something tells me this will be a good one. I feel good about myself. The way I feel exsudes in how I treat the people around me. It’s quite the feeling to be genuinely happy for others. The most exciting event to come is my older sister and brother in law expecting  baby # 2 this July, my heart couldn’t be happier. This is all I ever hoped for! I’ll be writing more often because I have so many pictures from Las Vegas, Coachella, LA and Scottsdale  and I’d like to document that for myself to reflect on later 🙂 
Here are some pictures from my birthday festitivites! Go raptors go!  

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