Everyday struggle. 

Can anyone else relate to this? My friend and I were out for a walk lastnight and we were talking about how strange anxiety is when it kicks in. It’s so obnoxious and it’s the type of feeling that you can’t shake off no matter how hard you try. I could be having a perfectly normal day and as soon as get that feeling my whole day is a write off haha they always say to trust your gut but most of the time it’s nothing or I just never find out what threw my day off lol it sucks! 

One thought on “Everyday struggle. 

  1. I know what it feels like. The first thing that comes to my mind is what just happened to me the last day. I had interest in someone, but the moment I heard it is reciprocated, I started panicking. I couldn’t think straight. My whole day was ruined. I don’t know why, or what exactly is making me panic, but it definitely kicks in at the most unexpected times, for the most inconvenient reasons.

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