3 thoughts on “My best friend 

  1. It’s wonderful to hear from you again! Sometimes our “off days” are important mirrors to remind us of some of the ways we no longer wish to be. I’ve had a few myself over the past few weeks and I’ve managed to come through them much in the way your good friend did for you. I’ve taken a moment to appreciate the challenge (however it may have presented itself) and instead of continuing to be angry, or sad, (whatever) I thought of all the OTHER ways I am much better than that (loving, kind, etc.).

    I also find that humor is a wonderful healer! If you can think of ANY way to laugh with yourself during challenging times, it’s very difficult to remain “down” for long.

    Hang in there, KNOW you have friends and people who love you, and find peace in being the wonderful person you are!

    With Love,


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