The day of my birth.

This year has been extremely transformative. I think I’m getting really good at growing, I’m liking it, I’m learning how to do it … I’m still a work in progress though. I have learned that everyone really does enter your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Your friends really do become your family and your family too turns out to be the best of friends. I have wanted to cut one or two of them up a couple of times and pour some salt and lemon juice on the wounds but the second I lay eyes on them the chemistry between us is like the richter scale and that’s why we have each other after all these years. Not everybody sees me the way they do, most people take a very very long time to figure me out. It’s taken me years and years to get other people to see past my short temper and weird obsessions. With that, I’ve realized that real friendship is when I’ve put yourself out there even though I don’t know how it was all going to end but having hope that it’ll all work out. We all have our battles and Lord knows one is a bigger head case than the next but I would not and could not be as thankful and happy as I am today without my sisters and misters 👩👨 I am as content as a 26 year old girl can be right now. Thank you 💗
I’d like to share some of the most thoughtful birthday plans and amazing gifts I’m sure anyone has received!

Saturday my older sister Sandi took me out for high tea at “MoRoCo Chocolat”


Saturday night my girlfriends treated me to a night out to Muzik nightclub


Sunday morning a few of my friends stayed and we day drank and played a few drinking games. So. Much. Fun.
“Cards against humanity” and “Heads Up”




After a long day of drinking we made the decision to go for Mexican at a place called “Sneaky Dees” my name Narcissism was at an ultimate high. I found it on the walls a few times.





Here are some of the most amazing gifts I have ever received.

My friend Kristina made me a box for all of my key chains. I collect them so it was such a great gift ! The box is so detailed and highlights all of the places I have been.





My friend Sara got me a birthday cake which had photos of all of my
Best friends and I! Loved it so much.


My Friends Julia and Jacyntha each made me a special basket with things that they knew I’d love, appreciate and enjoy !



This is a view from the beautiful condo and my Slobish friends gathered on the floor hahaha



And I almost forgot! My friend Jacyntha made me this jar as a little keep sake to look back and reflect on my 27th (gross) birthday. And a picture of everything in one photo. Haha s’cute.



Tonight will be my last celebration (I promise, I’m done!) hope you all feel as blessed as I did this weekend xx

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