Babysitting: Stella edition.

Today my sister’s friend Summer delivered her first born baby boy! My sister and her other friend Reta (who is also like a sister to me) wanted to go see the newborn, so I volunteered to babysit her beautiful boy Nero. I took him for a nice hour long walk and then we watched some cartoons together. It was all fun and games until he decided that he no longer wanted to participate in the fun times I THOUGHT we were playing together hahaha after a few unsuccessful “peek-a-boo” attempts I decided we were better off taking some pictures, he however did not lol After a couple of hours, I have decided I still like children from a distance. You know? To make funny faces at and pet (it’s normal to pet kids right?) but I guess I could use the practice since I will be an auntie in two months!!

What a lovely weekend it has been for me! First Coachella, my baby sister’s birthday and then a beautiful new baby blessing for a family that I love and adore. Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend too xx

Here are some photos. Those are happy tears, I promise. Hahaha.



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