No way, another birthday!

Ahhhh, how is is Sunday already? This weekend kind of flew by for me. On Friday we went out for Julia’s first birthday celebration (since we will be NYC for her actual day of birth) and it was a nice night. We went to a place called “The Chase” and had a lovely dinner. We had a pre fix menu which allowed us to pick between meal options which was a nice idea and with how loud and indecisive my friends are, this was definitely the best way to go. The food was incredible but too much compared to how different my diet has been as of late. This is another restaurant I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great spot to eat in Toronto. It has both amazing food and a great ambience. Here are some photos of the food.

The menu:


We started with the Oyster sliders which in my opinion were the best tasting from the whole night.



We then had The Veg Waldorf Rolls which were kind of like lobster rolls minus the lobster. They also were great but following the oyster sliders, they didn’t get a fair chance haha.




I then ordered the albacore tuna which in my opinion wasn’t the greatest. I’ve had it at many other restaurants and this one was probably my least favourite.


There was a few selections for the entree but the two that stood out were the shrimp with the ricotta gnocchi and the fried chicken with straw fries. Both dishes were incredible with so much flavour and huge portion sizes (as if we weren’t already so full at this point lol).




After dinner was done, fresh cookies and a chocolate mud pie was served. I couldn’t even have a bite because I was way too full but it looked really delicious. For some reason, I didn’t take a photo of it haha but here’s a picture of the birthday girl blowing out a candle.


We had a cake made for Julia by Marietta and it was absolutely, without a doubt the cutest cake. We requested that she incorporated a girl doing yoga, avocados and palm trees because those are Julia’s three obsessions in life.




I won’t confirm or deny that Julia and I may or may not have had some cake for breakfast the following Saturday. But I promised myself I’d go right back to my healthier lifestyle afterwards. 🙊



I think Friday night went just as planned, I had a great time with my bests and more importantly Julia loved how the evening went. We got to do something different than the usual birthday at bar celebration (talk about growing up, huh).

Last night I went to the bay front and had a great time. I always forget how beautiful this city is and how gorgeous the water is. We arrived right at sunset so I got some awesome pictures. We went roller skating which was pretty cool, I haven’t done that in years. There was music playing and a whole ton of people there.






I have to admit, my weekend was a lot more low key than it would have been last year on a friends birthday. Typically, we would do at least two nights and one would definitely consist of way too much alcohol at a really loud club/bar. I think because I’m getting old (both physically and mentally) I’m starting to appreciate doing things that are on a different level … Or quite honestly, completely opposite of the club scene. This weekend was all about delicious food, great company and a lot of laughter… I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I hope everyone had a successful weekend as well! xx

5 thoughts on “No way, another birthday!

  1. Looks like you had awesome time. I can def relate with the whole change in celebrating a birthday. Club scenes get old and too repetitive. But anywho, have a good one girl! 🙂

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