Merry everything, happy always.

Hey 🙂
Well, I just woke up really hungover from last nights Christmas dinner (super classy lol) I usually actually never drink during the day of actual Christmas was but I was feeling a little wild lastnight. We went to this place called the Old Mill as we do every year and our food was delicious. I however, was 4 glasses of chardonnay deep so I didn’t quite enjoy it like every other year because I was way too full. Obviously, I took photos of it all so I can look back and reflect on what I didn’t get to devour hahaa here is it






I didn’t get past two bites of my turkey and was too much of a mess to have a bite of my dessert but it was visually appealing hahaha

I guess I should try to sleep since I have a flight to catch in a few short hours. Off to Nassau, Bahamas I go! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas spending it with the ones who make them smile. xx

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