19 Things You Say At Brunch And What You Actually Mean

This is hilariously true hahaha “I can’t”

Thought Catalog

How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother

1. How long is the wait?: If I have to stand up for more than ten minutes I will fall over.

2. I’m starving: I haven’t eaten since the late-night pizza we ordered seven hours ago.

3. I feel pretty good right now actually: I’m in that frightening phase where you’re still a little drunk, but on the verge of starting your hangover.

4. I’m just a hot mess: My life is in shambles, but in a way that I find socially acceptable and brag-worthy.

5. Does this come with any sides?: I need bacon inside of me. Now.

6. What are you guys doing later?: Is there anyone who will be hungry enough to eat with me an hour after we’re finished with brunch?

7. Last night was everything: I’m too hungover to discuss all the amazing parts of last night in vivid detail…

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